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Weekly Poems

The Day in Review: Poetry

Brian Harris, one of the Field & Forest Outdoor Preschool instructors, enjoys writing poetry, sharing his impressions of the preschool day - here are a few samples below for your enjoyment!


 October 28, 2014

There’s a snail on the house

Reminds us of a show

Let’s have a snail race to the tipi

Ready… set… go!


Stories are so much fun to hear

Let’s make our very own

A Jay bird eating lots of jam

Sets the story’s tone.


Now… let’s be snails,

And our hoods will be our shell

Moving out into the rain

Our shells protect us well.


Rain and dirt,

Mixed well with little feet

Slide and run around the hill

with smiles cheek to cheek!


Oh! My muddy hands

And here, without a sink

Wet grass and puddles do the job

Quite better than you’d think.


Frog listening, moss fishing

We beavers build a dam.

Amphibian eggs, leaf floating

With wet and curious hands.


Woodpecker, worms, slugs and leaves

We are hiking in the woods

Taking turns to share our finds

Our inspiration leads.


Let’s look without our eyes

What’s this, placed within your hand?

We use our touch and other senses

To help us understand.

On the log some rope

Again we give it a try

2 x’s and the end underneath

We practice how to tie.


So many things go on

Too many for me to write,

Happen every day right here

On our Field and Forest site

October 31, 2011 

A festive cape; a spiky hat

on those who are arriving;

a sailor and a lumber jack,

pink unicorns are flying!

Joining up around the stumps

what's that in the grasses?

It's a badger, ooo a tall one,

and it's wearing glasses!

Now we're all together

and our day begins

by being different animals 

and stretching out our limbs.

We'll stretch out our fingers

pretending they are wings

standing out among the trees

and from the branches sing

Lets read a story!

we'll grab a book,

you see the pictures?

here, take a look.

Jangle jangle jangle

today's leader rings the bell

we all group together

for the adventures they will tell

We hop to our feet 

and now we're on the move

down the grassy hill

and out into the woods.

We lend our hands

to help our friends

our journey down 

the trail begins 

wow that step is steep

community leader, how we going to solve this

How are we ever going to get down this slope

how can we work together when

some feel like jumping others say, "Nope".

We might only be five but I think we have a plan

maybe we can jump or hop

I'll show you how to go on fours 

or shall I hold your hand?

Winding through the woods

climbing 'round the tree

singing songs and playing games

Field and Forest is for me!


November 7, 2011

Here we go, the day is new

the field is wet, the grass with dew

onward seeking, adventures with

explorers in this land of gifts.

Today was filled with all kinds of fun activity, here is a sample:

Following the Community Leader all over the land to places we haven't been to before

Rolling and running down the hill

Hearing a story about how "Seagull Steals the Light"

Finding a caterpillar, caring for it and figuring out how we could share so that many hands could hold one caterpillar

Laughing at the little green 'things' the caterpillar left behind

Jumping in to a little pit

the pit becoming a ship

seafaring adventures and finding the "X"

tree time

a home for the caterpillar

lunch in the tipi

grass beds in tipi



September through May, rain or shine!

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